What causes car headlights astigmatism?

Fault description: After the vehicle is cleaned, the owner finds that the headlight lampshade is yellow, and the headlight is not concentrated after it is lit.

The headlamp lamp shade is yellow and does not gather light, which may have the following reasons:

1, lamp shade aging; 2, the lamp position offset; 3. Headlamp reflector falls off.

Fault cause 1: The lampshade is aging.

Headlamp lampshade is made of plastic material, and long-term wind and sun exposure can easily lead to the aging of lampshade plastic. After aging, the lampshade will change color and reduce light transmission.

Fault cause 2: The position of the bulb is offset.

The headlight bulb is in the focus position of the reflector, and the light emitted after the lamp is lit is reflected by the reflector behind the lamp, and the projected light has the best lighting effect. If the vehicle is driven on the bumpy road for a long time, it may cause the bulb to shift from the focus position, and the projected light is not focused, which will result in the image of the headlamp lighting effect.

Failure cause 3: headlamp reflector off.

The use of the vehicle environment is not good, long-term driving on the bumpy road, it is easy to lead to the loss of the internal reflector of the headlamp, the light emitted by the headlamp after the lamp is lit, and the lighting effect of the image headlamp.

In addition, we recommend that the owner: do not park the vehicle in an outdoor location without shade for a long time to prevent the rapid aging of body components.

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